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Jim Grant

My working life began in 1979 when I started my first full time teaching appointment in a London Comprehensive School, where after a short time I became the teacher in charge of the Engineering courses, moving on to teaching Electronics and becoming Head of Department in a School in Brighton, finally to a school and Academy in Kent. Various additional posts took me away from teaching my subjects, but allowed me to take wider whole school roles.

Christmas 2013 was an important time for me, I retired from full time education and decided to focus on my interest in Target Shooting with Antique and Historic Rifles.
I shoot Matchlocks, Flintlocks and Percussion long arms but my main passion is the 50 metre precision events for Percussion, Matchlock and Flint Rifles. I do shoot Pistols and Revolvers but the 10 ring usually remains elusive!

I am a member of the Muzzleloaders Association of Great Britain and the Great Britain International Muzzle loading shooting team. I shoot throughout the year in competitions both in England and when the opportunity arises in Europe and further afield. I started International Shooting in Adelaide, Australia, at the World Championships in August 2000 and have regularly competed abroad since that time.

In 2013, I became Captain of the Great Britain Team for the European Championships in Eisenstaedt, Austria.

I have always ensured that my own Firearms are in the best possible condition and can now offer the same service to the Antique Firearms collector and shooter, by manufacturing components and completing repairs to enable your firearms to remain in top working condition.

My other interests include studying aspects of the American Civil War and the History of the Knights Templar.



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