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With Historical Firearms as well as Modern Reproductions, regular servicing is essential to ensure safely and functionality.
Jim Grant Vintage Firearms provides support for shooting enthusiasts in servicing, repairing, and acquiring equipment and parts.

      Repairs       Servicing  

Restoration of Matchlock, Flintlock and Percussion firearms.


I will undertake repairs of Antique originals and Modern Reproductions.


Meticulous cleaning and re-conditioning of metal and wood components.

      Manufacturing       Experience / Qualifications / Background  

It is often necessary to replace damaged, degraded, or missing parts that are no longer easily available. I will attempt to source those original parts or manufacture them.



1. Registered Firearms Dealer (Sussex)
2. Competitive Target shooter
3. Member of Great Britain International Muzzle Loading Team
4. Past Great Britain Team Captain
5. Manufacture and servicing of equipment to support my own shooting and for other Historic Firearm Shooters
6. Designing and manufacturing equipment to facilitate more efficient loading of Muzzle Loading Rifles and Pistols
7. Providing advice on loading techniques to enthusiasts new to Muzzle Loading Shooting
8. Professional Teacher for 34 Years in various schools and an Academy. Also
     taught Engineering in an Adult Education Institute.

I will help you to source Antique firearms.
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